Breast ultrasound is utilized as an adjunct to mammography and assists in distinguishing if a lump or mass is solid tissue or if it is a fluid-filled cyst. The use of ultrasound allows Dr. Mathews to make diagnostic recommendations and avoid recommending surgical procedures unnecessarily.


We provide state of the art ultrasound technology.  Our chief ultrasonographer is not only certified in breast ultrasound but is a nationally recognized expert with extensive experience.  In most cases, our doctors perform the procedures themselves after our technologist performs the procedure.  Also, they supervise through the use of a remote monitor.  Our doctors will evaluate and give the results of the ultrasound procedure immediately after it is done.


More than 40 percent of all women have dense breast tissue. For women with dense breasts, screening automated whole breast ultrasound is a supplementary ultrasound examination of both breasts that can find small cancers that mammography may miss. Studies show that ultrasound and mammography performed together can find more cancers in women with dense breasts than mammography alone. It’s important to note that whole breast ultrasound is not a substitute for mammography, which remains the foundation of breast cancer screening. 

This procedure is available at Breast Center of Acadiana (at both the River Ranch and Youngsville locations) to help provide early detection of cancers in women with dense breast tissue.