• Front desk:

    Megan Connor

    Tanya Trahan-Tech Assistant

    Stacie Landry-Tech Assistant

  • Techs:

    Kim Hebert-Mammography Technologist

    Cherie Addison- Mammography Technologist/Screening Ultrasound Technologist

    Amy Savoy-Mammography Technologist

    Vicki Butler-Mammography Technologist/Screening Ultrasound Technologist

    Ellen Vincent-Ultrasound Technologist

  • Nurses:

    Laura Broussard-Registered Nurse

    Jean Kloss-Registered Nurse/Patient Coordinator

  • Office Staff:

    Robyn Istre-Billing

    Carla Carr-Office Manager

    Jamie Blunschi-Systems Manager

    Dr. Gary Mathews

The Breast Center of Acadiana is conveniently located in Lafayette, Louisiana at 935 Camellia Boulevard in River Ranch.

Hours of Operation
7:00 AM – 5:00 PM